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  • shanghai exhibition

    2022-04-11 2,909 times

    Tsunami attends trade show every year.like IWA show BAUMA show,SEMA show,canton fair and other domestic show. Tsunami case is for many different industries like video broadcast, public security, photography,diving,commercial industrial,military and law enforcement,hunting and shooting sports.differe…

  • the features of tsunami smarty pistol cases

    2022-04-11 2,595 times

    1.Shockproof and strong shells The material of tsunami smarty cases is aluminium alloy or iron. There are two materials for it . Alloy is more shockproof than iron. 2. Fingerprint&Password Smarty cases has the functions of Fingerprint&Password at high recognition rate . 3. Processor: interna…

  • the features of tsunami hard protective cases

    2022-04-11 2,899 times

    Waterproof IP67 There is O-ring seal into cases with excellent performance of anti-aging and durable elasticity. It could prevent water or dust into cases when cases are closed. Tsunami Cases have passed the test of certification of waterproof IP67. Shockproof and strong shells The material of tsuna…

  • tsunami company

    2022-04-11 3,353 times

    Tsunami is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plastic hard cases with our own staff of engineers and our exclusive manufacturing facilities. Focused on smart transportation solutions, obtained with heavy investments in R&D and with the achievement of unique patented solutions and …