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Tsunami COB20

  • External Dim.(L*W*D):
  • 486*328*454 mm
  • 19.1”*12.9”*17.9”
  • Internal Dim.(L*W*D):
  • 331*196*367 mm
  • 13”*7.7”*14.4”
  • Injection molding
  • Weight: 6.5Kg
  • Waterproof IP 65
  • Material: PP
  • PU Insulation
  • Cup holders, bottle opener, team lift

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Product Details

Camping Coolers on Sale

21-quart storage capacity

Durable, injection molded construction.

Integrated insulation for maximum ice retention and freshness of your stowed items up to 5days

4 self draining cup holders

Lid gasket to ensure a perfect seal

Stainless steel Built-in opener

High density PU insulation

Comfortable team lift handles

Non-skid rubber feet


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