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  • External Dim.(L*W*D):
  • 305*269*195mm
  • 12″x10.6″x7.7″
    Internal Dim(L*W*D):
  • 281*202*165mm
  • 11″x7.9″x6.5″
    Lid/Bottom Depth: 32mm/133mm
    Material: TSU-1 Resin
    Weight: 2.45Kg
    Waterproof IP 67
  • with pick&pluck foam
  • Without wheel

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Product Details

Tsunami cases are perfect for hunter, musician, and military gear, scientific instruments and more. Outdoor plastic hard  cases are virtually indestructible, look great and come with a lifetime warranty!

  • Waterproof and dust proof material
  • Shock resistant
  • High quality polyurethane foam
  • High quality TSA approved combination padlocks
  • Highly impact resistant, lightweight, and rugged