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the features of tsunami smarty pistol cases

tuoms 2022-04-11 2,219 times

1.Shockproof and strong shells

The material of tsunami smarty cases is aluminium alloy or iron. There are two materials for it . Alloy is more shockproof than iron.

2. Fingerprint&Password

Smarty cases has the functions of Fingerprint&Password at high recognition rate .

The features of Tsunami smarty pistol cases

3. Processor: international famous brand with low power consumption and high-performance processor.

4. Fingerprint identification: inductive fingerprint identification

5. User fingerprints: maximum 20

The features of Tsunami smarty pistol cases

6. Battery: 3.7V lithium polymer battery,2500mAH

7. Standby time: about 3 months

8. Charger: Adapter for 5V/2A charger