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the features of tsunami hard protective cases

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  1. Waterproof IP67

There is O-ring seal into cases with excellent performance of anti-aging and durable elasticity. It could prevent water or dust into cases when cases are closed. Tsunami Cases have passed the test of certification of waterproof IP67.

  1. Shockproof and strong shells

The material of tsunami cases is hard impact PP +glass fiber . It make cases more shockproof than PP and ABS cases. It has the performance of high cold resistance , high Impact resistance ,high impact strength . Tsunami Cases passed the test of Low temperature at -40℃ and High temperature at  90℃. Also , it passed the test of Fed-std-101C

Method , Fed-std-101C Method ,ATA300  revision 8.0 B-2-5 , MIL-STD-810 F Notice 3  method, etc.

The features of Tsunami hard protective cases

  1. Pick and plunk foam in high density

There are foams inside to protect the valuables very well .Pick and plunk foam could help to cut any shape that you like and it will protect products inside. It’s welcome to do OEM foam to make it more suitable for your products.

  1. Automatic pressure release valve

Every cases has automatic pressure release valve in the front of cases . It could help to open cases easily at any environment and keep inside dry and clean.

The features of Tsunami hard protective cases

  1. Comfortable handles

Tsunami cases developed its unique handles with patent . It made of engineering material and comfortable rubber cushion. It will be easily to carry it at anywhere.

  1. With wheels

Tsunami cases equip with good wheels in Nylon polyurethane widened roller and stainless steel ball double bearings . It has functions of mute and increase bearing weight. Its lengthened pull rod make cases easily carried and smoothed.